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Instant Image Library on Your Own Website

by Scarlet

Tue Mar 04, 2014 at 06:18 PM EST, a provider of high quality royalty free stock photography and illustrations, just released a Custom Image Search Engine feature which enables other website owners to integrate the entire image library and search engine into their own business website at no charge. Online printing and design services, and any other business in need of a library of professional images, now have the option to easily and instantly present to their website users a high-quality selection of photography, illustrations, and vector graphics.


Main Press Release Copy

Sarasota, FL (PRWEB) February 10th, 2014 -, providing the design, graphic and printing industry with professional photography and illustrations for over 16 years, just released a Custom Image Search Engine feature allowing website owners to easily present to their own website users a huge library of professional photography, illustrations and vector graphics at no charge. No longer do business owners have to purchase images to create their own library of images not knowing if they are paying for images they will never use.

The Custom Image Search Engine allows the user full control to customize search parameters, filters, colors and layout to match their own website design and then just add one line of iframe html code to instantly integrate the search engine into their web page. hosts all images, performs all database searches, renders all thumbnails and presents unbranded search results on the user's website. The user of the Custom Image Search Engine  maintains all control to their website layout.

The steps to implement the Custom Image Search Engine are easy:

  1. create a free account at to become a member
  2. configure the Custom Image Search Engine Options
  3. embed the code provided onto a web page

This service is provided by at no charge. With an active Image Subscription at, the member only licenses the images they know they need after one of their website users selected an image. This offers a great advantage to business owners in need of an image database as they no longer have to purchase images to create their own library of images not knowing if they are paying for images they will never use. Once a customer selects an image on the member's web site, the integrated licensing infrastructure will automatically credit the Image Subscription account and send out an email to the member with a download link for the image their customer selected. Images that have previously already been downloaded for another customer can be re-downloaded at no extra charge. Basically, every image has to be licensed only once but can be used for more than one customer in accordance with the terms and regulations of the agreement which the member entered into when purchasing their Extended License Image Subscription.

In addition to offering the Custom Image Search Engine feature, MediaFocus's Technical Staff also assists their members with further integration efforts if necessary, at no additional cost.

Whether an online business needs a lot on images or just a few, the Custom Image Search Engine by seems the best way to instantly have a huge library of professional images available for any business. For more information and details please visit

How to Create Customized Image CDs

by Scarlet

Thu Oct 04, 2012 at 01:47 PM EST ; Updated Thu Oct 04, 2012 at 01:54 PM EST

How to Create Customized Image CDs


Creating a Customized Image CD is easy using our Lightbox Pro feature to preselect your images. Make sure you are logged into your member account. If you are new to and  don't have a member account yet, please click here to create one. It's free and easy.

Once you are logged into your member account click on the "lightbox" link which is located at the top of your screen just above the image search field. Now you have accessed Lighbox Pro, our versatile lightbox feature.  Lightbox Pro comes with a "default" lightbox but you may want to create separate lightboxes for different projects or multiple Customized CDs.

Click on "Create Lightbox" to set up a new lightbox.


In the dialog box that appears (see below) please name your lightbox, give it a description, make sure that the status is "active", then click "create lightbox".


Once you have set up your lightbox (or multiple lightboxes) start searching for images you want to add to your lightbox. To add an image to one of your lightboxes simply click on the lightbox icon below the image thumbnail and select the appropriate lightbox you would like to add the image to.


Keep adding images to your lightbox until you have all the images you would like to receive on your Customized CD. Every Customized CD features 100 images. If you selected more than 100 images, you can use the "flag" tool to narrow down your selection (see details under "Adding Lightbox Images to the Shopping Cart" below).


To delete an image from your selection simply click on the red little icon in the top right corner of the image thumbnail.


Once you are ready to create your Customized CD follow these steps:

1)    Purchase your Customized CD (if you haven't done so already) by clicking here, add the Customized CD of your choice to the shopping cart and follow the simple check-out procedure to purchase your CD.

2)    Go back to the lightbox containing your image selection and add all the images to the shopping cart that will be part of your Customized CD. 


Adding Lightbox Images to the Shopping Cart

You have several options to flag images to make your selection:

·        you can flag the images you don't like to include, then click the button "invert" - this will flag all the images you like to use

·        you can flag all the images individually you would like to use

·        you can click on "flag all" if you have 100 images exactly in your lightbox

Once all the images are flagged, click on the button "add flagged selection to cart".



Now a dialog appears where you have to select your image size. The dialog box will show you how many images are available in the various sizes. Make sure you select the sizes you are eligible to get with the type of Customized CD you  purchased.


After you've added the images to your shopping cart, click on check-out and follow the simple check-out procedure. The cost will be "$0" as you have purchased your Customized CD already. Should your Customized CD be still in the shopping cart from your previous purchase, simply delete it. The download file for the images will be created immediately and emailed to the email address you've provided in your member account under "account info". Please make sure your spam filter allows you to receive emails from

Creating Multiple Customized CDs

If you have purchased more than one Customized CD please flag all the images in your lightbox that you would like to receive, then email us at, so we can create the download files for the Customized CDs and email you the links. The automated system can only handle creating one Customized CD at a time but we'll be glad to accommodate your needs if you like to select 200 images, 300 images or more to create multiple Customized CDs. You may also call us at 1-888-232-3686 once you have finalized your selection.

Should you have any questions regarding the process of creating Customized CDs please don't hesitate to contact our Customer Support at 1-888-232-3686 or send email to


Free Online Editorial Images

by Scarlet

Thu Oct 04, 2012 at 01:40 PM EST ; Updated Thu Oct 04, 2012 at 01:57 PM EST

Looking for a great photo to spruce up your online news article or blog entry? At you can download free editorial images. Stock Photos available for free online editorial use are marked with the following symbol . To utilize this great free feature, you need to be logged into your free member account, then simply copy and paste the code provided to display the photograph on your page. Please read the LICENSING TERMS  before using free editorial images. Images may only and exclusively be used for display as a graphic design element within online editorial articles, online news, and blog articles, All other uses are strictly prohibited. Should you have any questions please don't hesitate to call our friendly customer service at 1-888-232-3686.

Creating a Lightbox to Manage Images

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Customized Stock Photo CD Collections

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Extended Licensing Subscriptions for Business Applications

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Utilizing Lightbox Pro for Image Management

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Extended Licensing Image Subscriptions

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