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Extended Licensing Image Subscriptions

by Scarlet

Tue Apr 05, 2011 at 01:36 PM EST

MediaFocus is the only royalty-free stock photo agency where you can purchase a Subscription with Extended Licensing Terms.

Extended Licensing allows you to produce products for resale or distribution, in print or in electronic form, plus it gives you multi-user access privileges. Produce items such as stationary, postcards, calendars, posters, prints, CD covers, T-shirt, mugs, mouse pads, entertainment goods, framed artwork, apparel, video clips, film, multimedia productions, electronic publications, web site templates, design templates, print templates, greeting card templates, business card templates, software products, electronic games, and more.

Extended Licensing Subscriptions offer exceptional value and quality choices. ALL images in our photo database can be downloaded with subscription, there are no exclusions. Get a six month subscription and download up to 150 images fully licensed with extended licensing terms and multi-user access. Renew your subscription any time (after six month or immediately after you have exhausted your 150 downloads) and continue to benefit from this unique subscription service.

This Subscription is designed for professional business use meeting highest expectations of our Clients in terms of quality, versatility, and price.

Sign up for your subscription this week and receive 50 Bonus Images!

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