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Featured Artist: Svetlana Shapovalova

by Scarlet

Tue Feb 11, 2014 at 08:10 PM EST

If you're looking for intricate, beautiful floral backgrounds, then look no further than Background Lightbox from Svetlana Shapovalova.

She's our Featured Artist.  What I really enjoy are the "scratched" effects used on her vector background designs.  They're perfect for gift wrap or even wallpaper.

Svetlana Shapovalova


More still, be sure to browse through her amazing images of character illustrations of women in coffee shops, diners, and people shopping.  She also has many animal designs and concepts.


Fast Food, Coffee & Beer

Animals & Animal Symbols

People & Character Designs


Of course, the Lightboxes are just a small sampling of her work.  Make sure you see all her Stock Images in her portfolio.

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