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Utilizing Lightbox Pro for Image Management

by Scarlet

Sat May 07, 2011 at 10:23 AM EST

What is a Lightbox?
A Lightbox is a virtual space where you can put images you find that might work for your project and come back later to review and make your selection. The Lightbox feature at does not only allow you to add images from our own website but also embed links to images you find on any other website. Your Lightbox becomes a centralized tool for all image selections!
Which features does Lightbox Pro offer?
Our Lightbox feature allows you to:
-         create multiple Lightboxes (one for each project)
-         add and delete images from and other sources
-         arrange images with drag-and-drop
-         assign ranking with the use of stars
-         flag images to indicate selection
-         enter a memo to every image
-         email a password protected Lightbox to a client or third party for review
-         third parties can comment on individual images, and set flagging or stars (if you allow them to do so)
-         you can see in real time any reviews and selections made by your clients
Where to start?
Log into your free Member Account (or create an account – it’s free and easy) and click on “Lightboxes” at the top of the screen. There you will find three options “Create Project”, “Create Lightbox”, and “Help”. The help file contains a step-by-step guide for setting up projects and lightboxes, adding and deleting images, embedding images from other sources, organizing your selection with drag-and-drop, how to add comments, set properties, and email Lightboxes to clients or other third parties for review.
Lightbox Pro is designed to make your entire image selection process a whole lot easier. Feel free to try it out and should you have any questions, our friendly customer support will be there to assist you.
Click here for Lightbox Pro in-depth description, features, screen-shots, benefits, and more.

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