Custom Hosted Stock Image Search For Your Business

For anyone who often licenses stock images for Greeting Cards, Posters, Invitations, Professional Displays or Design – our Custom Image Search Engine will instantly transform your business!

Huge, Instant Image Library for Your Business

Make every stock photo, vector and illustration in our inventory instantly searchable on Your Site.

Whether you have an online business or a business with a small online presence, and need access to a huge library of professional images – then our Custom Search Engine is for you.

Full Featured Image Search Engine On Your Site

Our easy to use Options allow you to configure search parameters, filters, colors and layout and then use just one line of HTML code to instantly integrate the search engine into your site.

Your customers can search and select unbranded images straight from your site.

License Only Images You Actually Need

Escape the pressures of pre-licensing images – License only the images selected and save on unnecessary licensing fees. Don't waste money paying for images you'll never use!

Optional Full Integration lets you automatically license images your customers select.

Re-Download Images At Anytime – No Extra Cost

Let us be your stock image cloud storage. All selected images licensed under your account can be re-downloaded by you at anytime in case you lose track of your files.

Never fear losing an image again. Come back to our site and know that they will always be here!

Sign Up Now!

With our Custom Search Engine, you have immediate and free access to MediaFocus' entire stock image library that you can include into your business' web site. Our easy to use options allow you to customize search parameters, filters, colors and layout and then use just one line of iframe html code to instantly integrate our search engine into your web pages.

We host all the images, perform all the database searches, render all the thumbnails for you and present unbranded search results to your customers. You maintain all control to your site layout, logo, header, footer, etc.

Get Started Today —

  1. Create a Free Account
  2. Configure your Custom Search Engine Options
  3. Embed the code we provide onto your Web Page

And best of all, this service is FREE! No purchase is necessary to set up and use. With an active Subscription, you only license the image you know you need and only when you need it. No longer do you have to purchase licenses for images not knowing if you're paying for images you'll never use. Once your customer selects an image on your site, our integrated licensing infrastructure will automatically credit your Image Subscription account and send you an email with the image your customer has chosen!

In addition, our Technical Staff is ready to assist you with your integration efforts free of charge.

Whether you need a lot on images or just a few, our Custom Hosted Image Search is the best way to instantly have a huge library of images for your business!

For more details, see our complete online Custom Search Engine Documentation.

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