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MediaFocus Membership Benefits

Membership at MediaFocus is free and quick to set up. Once you become a Member, you’ll enjoy special benefits:

New Member Discount Coupon

Receive a special discount coupon immediately as our "Thank You" for joining us as a Member. Please make sure your email account will accept email from

Unbranded Layout Images

As a member you can download unbranded layout images in 7” by 10” image size at 72dpi. Our layout images are simply watermarked with the term “Layout”, no branding.

Free Online Editorial Images

Enjoy using free editorial images for online articles, online news announcements and blog articles. Images can be directly linked to display in your editorial at no charge. Please click here for more details.

Free Standard Licensed Images

Members are eligible to download one select standard licensed image free of charge once a week. Please see our Special Savings page to view our Free Images of the week.

Special Discounts & Offers

Members receive exclusive Member only coupons several times a year.

FREE Lightbox Pro

Lightbox Pro is a versatile tool allowing members to manage and share multiple lightboxes to organize projects and workflow. Email your password protected lightbox to a client for review. Communication and image selection are made easy with flagging and rating systems and annotation boxes for each individual image. Manage ALL your images in Lightbox Pro – not just images from MediaFocus! Please see the Lightbox Pro instructions for more details.

Enjoy your MediaFocus Membership Benefits!

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