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Selling Stock Photos On MediaFocus Lets You Earn Up To 60% In Image Royalties!

Upload and sell your photos and images as royalty-free stock on We offer competitive rates and registration is quick and easy.

Just follow the steps below and begin earning money today.

1. Create Account

Create an account and Login. Complete the Personal Contact section on your account.

2. Upload Sample Images

Upload 5 sample images that best represent the spectrum of your work. Please upload the highest resolution images so that we can perform the proper review. Do not upload enlarged/upsized images.

Our staff will review your images looking for expert composition, lighting, color, focus and other factors.

3. Download, Sign & Return Contract

If your work is accepted, you will be contacted and offered a royalty rate contract allowing MediaFocus to offer your images for sale. You will need to download the contract PDF file, sign and return it along with a copy of a government issued photo ID to verify your identity.

The information you provide will be kept strictly confidential.

At this point you may begin uploading your work immediately and all approved images will be active for sale once we receive your signed contract.

All images uploaded are still subject to review and approval in accordance to our submission guidelines.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What can I upload?

    You can only upload images that are your own creations and original in nature. In other words, you can not use somebody else's photograph, make alterations and modifications, and upload it as your own. You must be the sole and exclusive owner to the copyright of all the images you submit. To find out which types of images should not be uploaded, please see the section below about our upload guidelines.

  2. How many images can I upload as a submitting photographer?

    You may upload as many images as you like using our online image upload form. In addition, each member is automactically given an FTP account that can can use to upload their images. However, if your inventory of images is too large for even FTP, you can also mail them to us on DVD or External hard drive.

  3. Which file formats can be uploaded?

    You may upload JPEG files that uses the RGB colorspace. Other colorspaces such as CMYK, or GREY are not supported. Although TIFF files are able to record and store more color information and is a lossless format for multiple saves--DO NOT convert JPEG files into TIFF simply for the purposes of uploading. However, If your digital library contains original TIFF images, or TIFF images saved from camera RAW, which you would prefer to upload instead to preserve quality, special arrangement can be made to allow you to upload TIFFs.

  4. What is the minimum file size required?

    The minimum size is 2100 by 2100 pixels, which means that the smallest side of the image has to be at least 2100 pixels. Special arrangements can be made in the case where the one side may be smaller than 2100 pixels but the overall image is sufficiently large to appeal to purchasers (i.e. panoramas). Please feel free to contact us.

  5. Can I see the images I uploaded?

    Yes, your photographer's account screen will allow you to view the images you uploaded and you can see the status of each image.

  6. What happens after I upload my images?

    Images are in "Pending" status until:

    • reviewed by MediaFocus and "Accepted" or "Declined"
    • description & keywords have been provided by the submitting photographer
    • required model or property releases are attached

    "Accepted" images become "Active" when all requirements listed above are met.

  7. My images are already Titled and Keyworded—Will MediaFocus read them?

    Yes. Popular imaging programs like Photoshop, Lightroom, PaintShop Pro and others, can store image Titles and Keywords in a standard embedded profile. MediaFocus integration systems can access this and save you the trouble of manually entering keywords.

  8. Can images uploaded be rejected?

    Yes, MediaFocus inspects the quality and content of every individual image uploaded. The most common reasons for rejection are problems with focus, lighting, over or under exposure, noise, hue, contrast, poor or dirty scans, composition, or subject matter. The image will also be rejected if it requires a model or property release and such release is not provided within 30 days upon uploading the image. Also, duplicates and corrupted files will be rejected. You will be able to see rejected files for 30 days in your account and view the reason for rejection.

  9. Do I need to provide model releases?

    Yes, if your image depicts an identifiable person or persons you need to upload a valid model release and associate it with every image it pertains to. Model releases of minors must be signed by the parent or legal guardian. All model releases must show the model's (or legal guardian's) signature. Electronically created model releases with digital signatures can not be accepted.

    We provide an online interface to upload, manage and assign to images your model releases. If your initial submission should incude a large number of model releases, we can work with you to make the process go much quicker. Please contact us.

  10. Do I need to provide property releases?

    Yes, if your image depicts a building, structure, object or other content that requires a property release by law, you need to upload a valid release and associate it with the image. Laws and regulations may differ greatly from country to country. It is the submitting photographer's responsibility to familiarize himself/herself with applicable laws and regulations and comply with them.

    We provide an online interface to upload, manage and assign to images your property releases. If your initial submission should incude a large number of property releases, we can work with you to make the process go much quicker. Please contact us.

  11. What type of images are prohibited from uploading?

    MediaFocus prohibits uploading of Images depicting:

    • photographs (photo of a photograph)
    • illustration based on a photograph
    • partial or full nudity
    • pornographic or sexually explicit content
    • defamatory or offensive content
    • maps
    • governmental signs & seals
    • military decorations
    • flat scans of any currency

    Do NOT upload images depicting any of the following content unless you have a valid property release:

    • copyright notices
    • trademark symbols
    • logos
    • company, brand, or product names
    • trademarked or patented designs & products
    • artwork
    • paintings
    • sculptures
    • buildings and other architectural structures
  12. What are the terms under which my images will be licensed to others?

    Images are licensed upon the terms outlined in the User Licensing Agreements. Those terms may be amended or changed over time. In case the photographer no longer agrees with the licensing terms, he/she can terminate the Photography Partner Agreement with 30 days written notice.

  13. How much will I earn when an Image is licensed?

    Submitting photographers can receive a royalty fee percentage of 20% to 60% of the net billing of their licensed images, depending on the photographer's experience, image quality, subject matter and total number of images available for sale on Subject areas of higher demand, active images of more than 2,500, or exclusive contracts will result in higher royalty fee percentages. Royalty fees are negotiated on an individual basis with every photographer.

  14. When will I get paid?

    Payment of royalties will be made monthly in US Dollars, on or about the 15th day of the following month for the previous month's image licensing. In the event that royalties due to the Artist amount to less than $50.00 US, the fees will be retained until the next payment period.

  15. How will I get paid?

    The Artist may choose to receive payments by check or use a payment service such as PayPal or Payoneer, and indicate their choice in his/her membership account. The Artist is free to change the selected payment preference at any time to any payment option offered in their membership account.

  16. How can I see which images have been licensed?

    The Member Account allows the submitting photographer to view his/her "Sales History" which will outline which images have been licensed by image number (click on the image number to preview each image), the licensing date, and the royalties due. The photographer will also be able to see how many times any one of his/her images were part of a search result, how many times the larger preview of an image was accessed, and all the search terms web site visitors are entering and how many times a particular keyword has been searched for.

  17. Can I still sell my images myself or use other agencies?

    Yes. Unless you've entered into an agreement with MediaFocus as an exclusive contributer, you may market your images by any other means you see fit. MediaFocus does not impose any sort of restrictions.

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