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Stock Photo Credits - Great Flexibility & Savings

Purchase Your Stock Photo Credits in 3 Easy Steps:

1. Calculate how many Photo Credits you need using our easy Credit Calculator on this page.
2. Click on "Buy XX Credits" to select an Image Credit Package that meets your needs.
3. Use our easy Online Check-out to purchase Image Credits.

Usage & Image Licensing

Stock photos downloaded with image credits come with our Standard Licensing Agreement.

Use images for:

  • Advertising and Promotional Materials catalogues, magazines, brochures, newspapers, flyers, posters, postcards, displays, billboards, TV commercials, presentations, multimedia productions
  • Design & Illustration of publications, magazines, newspapers, books, book covers, editorials, newsletters, web site design and electronic publications.
  • For interior design and personal use.

Image Credit Packages (click to add to cart):

Buy10Credits Buy 10 Credits for $15
Buy22Credits Save 10 % Buy 22 Credits for $30
1 Reward Point
Buy38Credits Save 14 % Buy 38 Credits for $50
2 Reward Points
Buy60Credits Save 20 % Buy 60 Credits for $75
3 Reward Points
Buy83Credits Save 25 % Buy 83 Credits for $100
4 Reward Points
Buy140Credits Save 27 % Buy 140 Credits for $165
7 Reward Points
Buy250Credits Save 32 % Buy 250 Credits for $285
10 Reward Points
Buy500Credits Save 53 % Buy 500 Credits for $490
15 Reward Points

How Many Credits Should I buy?

Use our handy Credit Calculator to compute the amount of credits you need based on the number of royalty-free stock images you plan to download.

QtySize & FormatCreditsTotal
Web JPG7 x 10 @ 72 dpi 1 = 0
Small JPG/TIF2 x 3 @ 300 dpi 2 = 0
Medium JPG/TIF5 x 7 @ 300 dpi 4 = 0
Large JPG/TIF8.5 x 12 @ 300 dpi 6 = 0
XLarge JPG/TIF10 x 14 @ 300 dpi 10 = 0
XXLarge JPG/TIF12 x 17 @ 300 dpi 15 = 0
Vector EPSScalable to any dimension 15 = 0
Total Credits Needed=0

Buying Image Credits

Licensing and downloading of stock photos is made quick and easy using image credits! Buy as few as 10 credits or as many as 500 image credits at a time. Check your account to see how many credits you have available at any time. Purchase additional credits when needed. Credits are not redeemable for cash and unused credits expire 365 days from date of purchase.

Earning Reward Points

Reward points are an additional bonus MediaFocus is offering for the purchase of larger credit packages. Once you accumulate twenty reward points they will automatically convert into credits and be added to your account. Twenty reward points will equal twenty credits. Reward points that have not been converted to credits will expire 365 days from the date they were issued.

Refund Policy

Members are entitled to a full refund within 14 calendar days of the purchase date of a credit package, provided none of the credits have been used for downloading Content.

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